Vocal Justice Award

10 May 2022

Ms JODIE HARRISON (Charlestown)—Congratulations Mitchell Howe, a detective senior constable assigned to the Lake Macquarie Police District, on receiving the inaugural Justice Award at VOCAL (Hunter)'s Care and Connection Fundraising Dinner.

Detective Howe attested from the Police Academy in 2011. Starting out in Bankstown, he transferred to New England and later arrived in Lake Macquarie. Victim-survivors describe him as "dedicated", "honourable" and "a committed police officer." His nominations for the Justice Award cited his willingness to go beyond his duty of care; his compassion and respect; and called him a Police officer who "represents his badge with the highest regard".

Congratulations Detective Howe. I would also like to acknowledge his fellow nominees: Natalie Bremner, an associate solicitor at Harpers Legal; Sarah Williams, founder of "What You Were Wearing"; and Yvette Parker, who has worked with NSW Health's Sexual Assault Unit at the John Hunter Hospital for many years.

Detective Howe and his fellow nominees have all done so much to assist victim‑survivors, to advocate for their rights and ensure that they can begin to recover and rebuild from terrible trauma. My thanks to Detective Howe, as well as Natalie, Sarah and Yvette, for their incredible support of victim‑survivors.