VIDEO: Jodie Thanks Emergency Services on Behalf of Local Community

15 November 2019

On Thursday 14th November,in a Community Recognition Statement,I thanked members of our local community who supported us all in the recent fire period. This is what I said:

On behalf of the constituents of my electorate of Charlestown I recognise and thank all those who have worked hard over the last few days to protect and support us in the face of the risk of catastrophic fire danger.

An Emergency Control Centre was established in Lake Macquarie and I was grateful to be kept informed by them of developments during the critical hours of Tuesday.

I particularly thank all those members of my local community who serve in the Police Force, Fire and Rescue, front line medical services and National Parks, all of whom were under additional pressures in recent days.

I recognise the enormous effort of members of our local community who volunteer in the Rural Fire Service and State Emergency Service, and I thank them for their service.

I thank staff in Lake Macquarie City Council and Newcastle City Council, and staff in our local schools, many of whom took on additional duties during the last week.

We are grateful to you all.