Tribute to Roland Millbank; Tribute to Walter Remington

03 May 2018

I am delighted to formally acknowledge MrRoland Millbank and Mr Walter Remington, who have served since 1968 as Justices of the Peace in NewSouth Wales50 years. To put that into context, this was the year the airbag was invented and the first automatic teller machine was installed. There is no reward for serving as a New South Wales Justice of the Peace [JP], other than the pleasure of volunteering a service for the community. However, JPs play an essential part in the legal system and in the community in New South Wales. These men have helped people at key moments when they have been applying for passports, buying houses, accessing superannuation and much more. By volunteering their time as JPs for 50years, Mr Millbank and Mr Remington have provided a valuable and important service to their community and places of employment. Thank you, Roland and Walter.