Ruth's Closet - Warners Bay

02 May 2018

I recognise the hardworking and passionate volunteers of Rut h's Closet at Warners Bay. Ruth's Closet is a second-hand shop that sells clothes and accessories for men, women and children. All of the profits benefit local not-for-profit organisations, including women's refuges and programs that provide accommodation support for homeless men. Ruth's Closet recently donated $2 , 000 to Eastlakes Family Support Services to bolster its Staying Home Leaving Violence program, a free service that helps women escape domestic violence. Funds raised by Ruth's Closet in the first half of 2018 will be donated to another crisis support service, Nova for Women and Ch ildren. Later this year, men's outreach centre Mathew Talbot Homeless Service will benefit from the profits of Ruth's Closet . Ruth's Closet is a fantastic initiative to pay it forward in the Charlestown communi ty. I congratulate the volunteers.