Recognising Our Community Place

24 February 2022

Ms JODIE HARRISON (Charlestown)—After their operations were badly disrupted by COVID-19 over the course of 2021, the wonderful Our Community Place—based out of PCYC Lake Macquarie in Windale—is back and keen to reconnect with the local community.

OCP is an invaluable resource for Windale and the local community, offering a range of services and programs. COVID caused some of OCP's programs to be shifted to alternative forms of delivery, and others to be temporarily shut down altogether, so it's great to see that the organisation is embracing the return to in-person delivery!

Programs that have recently started up again include Women's Shed on the Lake, Lunch Hub, Sister Talk, Food Share, Young Parents Group and Resume Kiosk.

OCP is keen to expand their services and meet the changing needs of their local community, and are open to any suggestions of programs or courses that locals would like to see developed and delivered. My thanks to manager Lydia Manusiu and community development worker Elizabeth Hyslop for keeping OCP running throughout COVID-19, and my best wishes for their return to in-person delivery in 2022.

A Community Recognition Notice is an opportunity for an MP to submit a short statement praising the work of an individual or group in the local community. If you have any ideas about people I can recognise with a Community Recognition Notice, please email and let me know!