Recognising Michelle Ebbin and JettProof

22 September 2020


Ms JODIE HARRISON(Charlestown) (19:04:19):Icongratulate Charlestown local Michelle Ebbin of JettProof for taking out five prestigious awards in the 2020 AusMumpreneur awards. Michelle won first prize in the product design, global brand and product innovation categories. She also achieved second place in the business excellence and making a difference categories. A mum of four, Michelle has invented and marketed a range of Australianmade, unique sensory compression clothing and products for children and adults with anxiety, autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and other sensorybased neurological conditions. She started JettProof in 2014, working by herself in her garage. Six years later, she has a factory and warehouse in Newcastle that employs 19 people. She has expanded internationally, with offices in the United Kingdom and Canada. She was inspired to develop these projects by her son, Jett, who as a toddler was diagnosed with severe autism, global development delay and sensory processing disorder. Icongratulate Michelle on turning adversity into opportunity.

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