10 June 2021


Ms JODIE HARRISON (Charlestown) — Graham Wilson is a sculptor, painter and designer whose work has been exhibited within Australia and overseas. Graham Wilson's work titled Dove Lake dawn, a hand carved impression of this spectacular Tasmanian natural environment, has been selected as a finalist for the 2021 Wynne Prize. The work speaks to the impact the wilderness can have on human emotions. Graham Wilson has dedicated himself to his art practice for more than 30 years. I congratulate him on the selection of this outstanding artwork into this prestigious prize and acknowledge the honour of having this large scale work hung on the walls of the Art Gallery of NSW.

A Community Recognition Notice is an opportunity for an MP to submit a short statement praising the work of an individual or group in the local community. If you have any ideas about people I can recognise with a Community Recognition Notice, please email and let me know!