Recognising Joshua and Noah Levin

22 September 2020


Ms JODIE HARRISON(Charlestown) (18:54:39):Joshua and Noah Levin are students at Whitebridge High School in year 12 and year 10, respectively. After losing their father to illness in 2015, both young men have since grown and developed resilience and maturity beyond their years. The boys both attended the Camp Magic program, which supports grieving children. They were so appreciative of the experience that they have made it their mission to give back to the organisation, providing similar opportunities for young people faced with similar circumstances. The boys are both ambassadors for the program, and Joshua is now undergoing training as a camp mentor. Noah is continuing to raise awareness and funds through numerous endeavours to support the charity. Noah will be undertaking a running challenge throughout the month of October to raise money. He initially set a goal of $1,000, which he has already surpassed. Both Levin brothers are high academic achievers. They represent the school in student leadership, work in part-time jobs in the local community and are giving of their time and energy to help others. I thank both for their extraordinary efforts. The Levin brothers were referred to me by Nadene Harvey, the principal of Whitebridge High School.

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