Recognising Fire and Rescue NSW station 500 Tingara Heights

19 May 2022

Ms JODIE HARRISON (Charlestown)—On Saturday 14 May, Fire and Rescue NSW Station 500 Tingira Heights opened their doors to the general public for their annual Open Day!

Open Day is always special, a chance for members of the community to come in and learn more about the role of firefighters and fire safety, but this Open Day was particularly important for two members of the 500 Station team.

Acting Superintendent Troy Kempnitch visited 500 Station to award medal's clasps and certificates, and two Tingira Heights fireys received their 20 year of service commendations. Congratulations to firefighter Luke Wiseman for his twenty years of dedicated service with 454 Wallsend Station and 500 Tingira Heights Station.

500 Station's captain, Captain Neil Pryor, also received his 20 year clasp. Neil is a fantastic captain who has led his team with the courage and dedication which is the hallmark of our fire and rescue service.

I am sure their mates at 500 Station are looking forward to having both of them around for a long time yet! Congratulations to Luke and Neil, and thank you for your service. 

A Community Recognition Notice is an opportunity for an MP to submit a short statement praising the work of an individual or group in the local community. If you have any ideas about people I can recognise with a Community Recognition Notice, please email and let me know!