Recognising Eleebana Residences Landcare

23 September 2020


Ms JODIE HARRISON(Charlestown)I acknowledge Nancy Lott, a resident of Eleebana, who has taken the lead on rehabilitating Fossil Wing Creek, which runs through her retirement village. Nancy helped established a private Landcare group at the village, Eleebana Residences, following some work Lake Macquarie Council undertook to halt erosion along the creek. The group recently obtained a small council grant to help them work on the creek. The grant was spent on mulch and coir netting to hold the mulch, as well as two hundred native tube stock plants which the group is in the process of planting along the creek. Of the little tube stock plants, Nancy told the Newcastle Herald, "They're only six inches high but it's amazing how quickly they grow. We picked a lot of flowery plants. When they grow they will be beautiful. We hope to do some more eventually. It's going to look spectacular." My congratulations to Nancy, the other Landcare members at Eleebana Residences and the residents who have helped them achieve this much. I look forward to learning more about the results.

A Community Recognition Statement is an opportunity for an MP to give a short speech praising the work of an individual or group in the local community. If you have any ideas about people I can recognise with a Community Recognition Statement, please email and let me know!