Michaela Werner

28 November 2023

Ms JODIE HARRISON (Charlestown—Minister for Women, Minister for Seniors, and Minister for the Prevention of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault)— Free-diving instructor Michaela Werner has completed swims in some of the world's most incredible places—and in an effort to raise awareness of the negative impact plastic pollution has on marine wildlife, she added the Charlestown Electorate to the list!

On Friday 17 November, Michaela broke a world record at the Charlestown Swim Centre, becoming the first woman to swim 101 underwater laps of a 25-metre pool in an hour. Over the course of her extraordinary effort, Michaela spent a total of forty-two minutes underwater.

She was able to take a breath after each lap, which she swam using the "dynamic no fins" technique, a form of underwater breaststroke. Michaela put a lot of effort into developing her body's tolerance to operating underwater for a long period of time, and can hold her breath for an incredible six minutes! Michaela raised more than $1,500 for charity Take 3 For The Sea, which works to rid the ocean of plastic pollution. Congratulations, Michaela! What a fantastic achievement for a very important cause.

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