Made @ The Place

Ms JODIE HARRISON (Charlestown—Minister for Women, Minister for Seniors, and Minister for the Prevention of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault)— "Made @ The Place" is an art program for youth aged 12 and above, hosted at The Place Charlestown.

The program is holding workshops from Wednesday 7 June until this Wednesday 28 June. Eleebana Art Studio has been running the program with a focus on everything Upcycled! Taking scraps of fabric, loose buttons and random household items and turning them into amazing works of art, the program has inspired plenty of Charlestown electorate youth to turn a creative eye towards items we might otherwise ignore.

Inspiring creativity is always a worthy goal, and I thank Eleebana Art Studio's Natalie Anderson for getting involved with this program. Natalie has a background in both art and education, making her a perfect fit for encouraging young people to engage with their own artistry.

I want to thank the Place once again for their commitment to bringing the Charlestown community together by hosting this program and the many other services they provide to our local community. I'm sure some fabulous creations came out of the workshops!

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