Ku Windale Preschool's landmark celebration

23 February 2022

Ms JODIE HARRISON (Charlestown): Last year I acknowledged the part KU Kahibah Road played in celebrating the 125th anniversary of KU's establishment in 1895, but it was not the only KU centre in the Charlestown electorate to get involved in the festivities.

The wonderful staff and community at KU Windale Preschool marked the milestone in December last year with gardening, baking and good deeds. The three- to five-year-olds who attend the preschool made different baked goods each day for two weeks using produce from the centre's garden.

The goodies were then ready for sale when parents and guardians arrived to pick up their children. The sales helped raise funds for local charity Centre for Hope. The local Bunnings helped out, visiting the preschool during lockdown last year and donating lots of different herbs and vegetable plants, which were planted and cared for in the centre's garden.

I thank centre director Nicole Dean and her staff, as well as the students. I also thank Bunnings at Bennetts Green for its involvement.

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