Geraldine Viswanathan

02 May 2018

I congratulate the outstanding on-screen achievements of Ms Geraldine Viswanathan. A former Hunter School of the Performing Arts student from Whitebridge, Geraldine has reached the dizzying heights of Hollywood, recently being praised by critics for her exceptional performance in the 2018 comedy film Blockers. Since concluding filming on Blockers Geraldine has starred in another Netflix movie produced by Ben Stiller and an indie drama produced by Will Smith. She has also just finished filming a new TV series with Daniel Radcliffe. What a resume! Geraldine said she is proud of her most recent role because she portrayed a character "that is unapologetic and strong in what she wants, and it is hard to find characters where young females are being treated this way". Geraldine is not only a conscientious theatrical artist; she is using her time in the spotlight to send a great message to other young women. I congratulate Geraldine.