Dudley ANZAC Legacy

01 May 2018

Last week I had the honour to attend three Anzac Day ceremonies in my electorate, each honouring the Diggers in a unique way. The Dudley community in particular chose to pay their respects at a dawn service, with players from the Dudley Magpies Rugby League Football Club wearing specially made jerseys and hoodies which have printed on them the names of fallen soldiers listed on the Dudley War Memorial. On the sleeves are the names of two Victoria Cross recipients, Clarence Jeffries and William Curry, both of whom went to Dudley Public School, the only school in the British Empire to have two Victoria Cross recipients. The players will also wear these jerseys at their next home game. Dudley is a small community with a small school, which has had an outstanding number of pupils serve our country, a legacy worth remembering. I commend the Dudley Magpies for taking the initiative to pay their respects and provide a legacy for the Dudley community.