Adaptive Surfing- Jade 'Red' Wheatley

21 June 2018

I commend the efforts of Jade "Red" Wheatley from my electorate of Charlestown. Jade has made a significant contribution to the progress of adaptive surfing in the local area, with ambitions to one day hold an adaptive surfing tournament in Newcastle. At 19 Jade lost both his legs below the knee in a construction accident. For the past three years he has competed in the World Adaptive Surfing Championship in California. He also once walked from Newcastle to Manly to help raise money for people to attend the same championship. Now 36, Jade is a strong advocate for others with a disability who still wish to surf, assisting with the annual Amputee Surf Day, which is rapidly becoming an attraction in Newcastle. I commend Jade for his efforts to give back to the community by allowing people to get a taste of our beautiful surfing beaches