Service NSW must launch urgent investigation

  Service NSW must launch urgent investigation Main Image

16 November 2022

NSW Labor are deeply concerned with media reports that Service NSW mistakenly shared the new address of a woman who fled an abusive relationship, with her former partner.
The woman fled a Queensland home, shared with her former partner following escalating instances of abuse, to her cousin’s property in NSW, afterwards calling Service NSW to update her drivers licence and registration. Service NSW was informed of the situation at the time and ensured the victim all updated details would be sent to her new address.
After the change of address stickers never arrived, the woman rang Service NSW only to be told they were sent to the perpetrators home in Queensland..
Service NSW blamed the mistake on human error and promised to strengthen its internal controls.
NSW Shadow Minister for the Prevention of Domestic Violence, Charlestown MP Jodie Harrison said the purpose of Service NSW was to support residents of our state.

"However, this mistake not only would have caused immense distress for a victim of domestic violence, but also jeopardised her safety," she said. 
"This is not a mistake we can afford to have happen again. An investigation must take place and additional safeguards must be implemented."

NSW Shadow Minister for Customer Service and Digital Yasmin Catley said this is an extremely concerning situation.

"Service NSW and the Minister must launch an urgent investigation into how this was able to happen and what action must be taken to avoid it happening again," she said.