NSW charts new course for volunteering across the state

NSW charts new course for volunteering across the state Main Image

09 November 2023

The NSW Government is leading the way in supporting and recognising the contributions of the state’s 4.3 million volunteers with the launch today of a new Volunteer Charter.

The NSW Volunteer Charter sets out a clear code of conduct organisations can adopt to grow and support volunteering across the state.

It contains 10 guiding principles spanning the volunteer journey that can be adapted to different needs and complements existing codes of conduct. A companion document provides guidance on how each principle can be implemented.

Minister with responsibility for Volunteering Jodie Harrison said the NSW Government was proud to be the first state in Australia to have such a charter, and together with a refreshed NSW Volunteering Strategy, there is a clear path to grow the sector.

“Whether they are on the sports field, in the foodbank, patrolling the beach or deploying to an emergency, volunteers are the heartbeat of every community,” Minister Harrison said.

“The government is focused on building sector capacity, investing in research, and enhancing the recognition of volunteers.

“This Charter provides a way for organisations to deliver best practice, support good communication and positive relationships. Most importantly, it will encourage more people to take up volunteering and find meaningful ways to give back to their communities.

“Our united vision for the future is one where volunteering in NSW grows and is vibrant, everyone can volunteer, more often, throughout life and their contributions are celebrated.”

Volunteers contribute close to 900 million hours, worth $178 billion, to our collective wellbeing.

The development of the NSW Volunteer Charter was done in consultation with the volunteering sector, in response to NSW Volunteering Taskforce recommendations. It is a key new initiative under the NSW Volunteering Strategy 2020-2030.

Centre for Volunteering CEO Gemma Rygate thanked the NSW Government for their work coordinating the development of the milestone document.

“Volunteering has so many benefits for communities and individuals, helping people connect, boosting health and wellbeing,” Ms Rygate said.

“Setting consistent standards and supporting good practice across organisations helps our sector to grow, and the Volunteer Charter is an important tool to help ensure this.”

For more information about the NSW Volunteer Charter and the NSW Volunteering Strategy 2020-2030, visit www.nsw.gov.au/volunteering