MEDIA RELEASE: Whitebridge Development

06 March 2018


Member for Charlestown, Jodie Harrison today gave notice that SNL Building Constructions has submitted a proposal to Lake Macquarie Council to increase the height of the Fettlers Whitebridge development by 40% which is a direct attempt to overturn the determination made by the Joint Regional Planning Panel (JRPP).

In December 2015, the JRPP approved a $23 million development comprising 87 residential dwellings, mixed use development, stormwater management facility and roads at Dudley Rd and Kopa Streets, Whitebridge.

Ms Harrison said she needed to raise the matter in Parliament as it was an issue that caused an incredible amount of community angst and anger for over two years, and which the community thought had been put to bed.

This approval was given contrary to the views and submissions of the democratically elected Council, and certainly contrary to the wishes and submissions of the community, Ms Harrison said.

A key aspect of the final approval was the reduction in height of one of the buildings from four storeys to three.

Now the developer has submitted a proposal to increase the height of the building back up to four storeys.

How SNL can do this, legally and morally, outrages and confounds me!

SNL has managed to navigate its way through the planning system and found a way to submit a new DA, just only a couple of years after a conditional consent was granted, which flies in the face of the stated requirements of the assessing body.

Today I called on the Government to remove the loophole which allows this flagrant disregard for a consent authoritys decision.