Hillsborough Road concept design released

Hillsborough Road concept design released Main Image

15 November 2022

The concept design for Hillsborough Road is finally here - it's been a long time coming.

"To have a design released is a welcome step forward in an upgrade that's been needed for a long time - I've been pushing for it for the last 8 years in NSW Parliament," Member for Charlestown Jodie Harrison said. 
"I know the residents affected by the problems on this road are sick of hearing about it and want to see some action.
"Having seen the impact on Hillsborough Road of population growth over all that time, it is frustrating to see that work will not be starting until 2025.
"That's only on Stage 1 - and no date has been pinned down for further works. Stage 1 will take 18 months, so it will be at least 2027 until we see improvements.
"If you are impacted by Hillsborough Road, or a frequent user, I urge you t"o look at the design released and have your say by 5pm on Monday 12 December.