22 February 2018

Last year I visited the Fern Creek Gully Landcare Group at Dudley to inspect their bush regeneration works.

The group was formed in 2003 to eliminate Bitou Bush, Lantana, Trad and other weeds from the creek and gully and to re-establish a rainforest which would have existed before coal mining commenced in the Dudley area.

The group have developed a programme for the next three years which will include re-planting the creek line with appropriate rainforest species and commence the restoration of the hanging swamp.

As with all volunteer organisations, the Fern Creek Gully Landcare Group is in need of more helpers. They work on site for 2 hours on the 2nd Saturday morning of the month from March to October and they enjoy cake and juice at the end of each session while discussing the days achievements.

If you are interested in helping this Landcare group out, please contact my office and I can provide you with the details.