Charlestown Caring Group ready to roll with grant for wheelchair accessible bus

Charlestown Caring Group ready to roll with grant for wheelchair accessible bus Main Image

17 November 2023

The Charlestown Caring Group is set to receive $130,000 towards the purchase of a new bus as part of the NSW Government $37.2 million Local Small Commitments Allocation Program.

The new bus will offer more seats and be modified for wheelchair accessibility.

Jodie Harrison MP, Member for Charlestown, said Charlestown Caring Group has a long history of providing vital supports for older people, people living with disability and their carers.

“This bus will open up new opportunities for the people who use Charlestown Caring Group’s services,” Ms Harrison said.

“Their plans to modify the bus to include a lift and capacity for wheelchairs will make it a particularly valuable asset for the community. 

“I can’t wait to hear about all the fantastic uses the new vehicle is put to, once it is on the road.”

The funds will allow Charlestown Caring Group to purchase a 22-seater bus, which will be modified to include a lift and wheelchair capacity. The accessible bus will ensure those supported by the Charlestown Caring Group will have the opportunity to attend outings that they previously may have missed out on.

Charlestown Caring Group General Manager Dianne Cook said demand for the Social Connection program had outgrown the 10 seater bus currently used for transport, and it could not cater for people with serious mobility issues.

“This is going to open our programs up to more people who want to come, and be again a part of their community.

“It is not only supporting aged people, but also younger people with disabilities who would like to go on outings and activities, and enjoy life.

“It is going to make such a difference.”

The Local Small Commitments Allocation Program is supporting projects and programs that strengthen communities and provide improvements at a local level, making NSW an even better place to live.

“This is a fantastic outcome for the Charlestown Caring Group and the people of Charlestown,” Minister Harrison said.